Karatepe-Aslantaş Open Air Museum

With its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List last year providing a boost in promotion, Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum and National Park has been preparing to host local and foreign visitors for the upcoming tourist season following the completion of two new viewing terraces and the installation of ramps for disabled people.

Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum, located within the borders of the Kadirli district of southern Turkey’s Osmaniye province, is one of the most significant open-air museums in Turkey with its historical artifacts dating back to the eighth century B.C.

Recent renovations at the site saw the construction of two new viewing terraces aimed at enhancing the visual experience of guests, and also ramps that should make it easier for people with disabilities to visit the museum and the national park.
Further planned additions include a library and cafeteria which will be built next to the museum.

Meanwhile, the general cleaning and infrastructure work around the Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum and the National Park, have been completed for the most part.

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